Chrome Hearts Eyewear


Founded by motorcyle enthusiast Richard Stark in California (where else?), this high-end, luxury eyewear uses gothic motifs, fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs which are all hand tooled using sterling silver. Chrome Hearts can be customised according to your budget - so if a diamond encrusted pair is what you are after then look no further. Favoured by celebrities and fashionistas across the globe including: Jay-Z, Bella Hadid, Lenny Kravitz, Cher, Elton John, and Karl Lagerfeld - Chrome Hearts are special and have to be seen to be believed.

Chrome Hearts are not available to purchase though our website but we have a selection of sunglasses in the store and we can also order anything from their back catalogue.  If you have any enquiry's please contact us on 01273 747769

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